Saturday, April 19, 2008


A Pizza a day keeps Tardiness and Absenteeism away!!!

We started a rule in our team that anyone who'll be late or absent will have to treat the whole team a pizza. Not just any pizza, it should be Yellow Cab pizza. We are eating pizza for our break for 4 days now because of those unfortunate people who came in late for work. I'm one of those unlucky ones who got to buy the team pizza.. hehehe. I came in late because Jason and I got a flat tire in C5 road on our way to work. We were recalling some old and unforgettable TV commercials and singing their jingles. And while I was in the middle of singing the classic song "I'm gonna knock on your door" which was used as a jingle for an old commercial "Electrolux vacuum cleaner" we heard a "burst" sound so we stopped. Then we found out that a 1-inch concrete nail got our tire flat. We really didn’t know how it happened. We're still lucky though because there's a vulcanizing shop near the area.

Definitely our “our pizza a day keeps absenteeism and tardiness away” is a very effective way of reducing our team’s tardiness and absenteeism. Apart from paying for your team ‘s pizza whenever you’re late or absent you’ll also get deducted from your salary, a memo from your TL, a poor performance on your scorecard and a bad record for tardiness/ absenteeism in the company. We’re all looking forward for our next pizza this Monday because 4 of my teammates were late last Thursday and the rule is “1person late=1 18-inches pizza” and we can’t have 4 pizzas in one day so the three will have to wait for their turn to feed the team. Now, we’re always in a hurry to go to work because no one wants to be the one who’ll pay for the next pizza for the team. It's so lame to think that only a pizza can drive a person not to be late nor absent, but what a heck! it's so fun seeing everyone in a hurry to be on time for work and it has improve our tardiness and absenteeism in the team.

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