Tuesday, July 29, 2008


REMINISCING @ KASIYAHAN(photo taken @ San Marcelino St. Ermita Manila)
*KASIYAHAN means HAPPINESS in Tagalog (Filipino) language
location: in front of old National Sweepstakes office
beside St. Vincent de Paul Parish in Manila
near Adamson University

It has been a very busy day for me these past few weeks and I haven't have time to be online lately to share my escapades. I went to my school last week to get a copy of my school records and as I was walking along the Adamson walkway with Jason, I started reminiscing my college days. I sounded like a tour guide as we walk our way to my university. We had to walk through the walkway because I'm not sure where to park anymore it has been ages since I last visited the place. The only thing I remember though was my days as I walk through this walkway and my college memories. I excitedly share my college memories with him. The places where I used to eat with my friends, our "tambayan" hang out spots inside the campus, the room where we had our classes, the photocopying area of manang xerox, and other things we used to do in our little campus.. Then Jason asked me if we have a favorite place to dine in like the one's they have in his school, RODIC'S. I said yes we do! Our favorite "kainan" eatery, the "KASIYAHAN" I said. We used to have lunch in this place. And my favorite short order of all time! Chopseuy rice with egg and Tapsilog! I thought they don't serve short orders anymore so we ended up ordering the food we saw on the counter. As we eat our food, I heard someone on the next table, "ate ako chopseuy rice with egg ha"(Ms, one mixed vegetables with egg for me please). Crap!!! I didn't know.. maybe because we're both hungry that time and all I can think of is food... any food that will suffice my hunger that's why I forgot to check out the menu. Anyway, I will still have a chance next week. We'll go back to Adamson to get my school records.. So Kasiyahan, be ready for me and my chopseuy rice with egg..

Thank you for Jason for buying me my ever so handy Sony Ericsson camera phone. He's always there when I needed him! The sceneries and places I want to capture not only in my mind is just a click away if I don't have my digital cam with me. hehehehe

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