Friday, August 15, 2008

WORLD OF WARCRAFT Flashback - Scarlet Monastery

The Huntsman's Cloister, Scarlet MonasteryPokahontas, Level 36, Troll Shaman

Traveling through time, took me back to this screen shot. This is my main WoW character Pokahontas at level 36. We were on our weekly raiding routine and that time we decided to pursue the Scarlet Monastery.

This is what's inside the Huntsman's Cloister. We were high on DPS and most of the time brief in getting the mobs to fall or even for this picture, one of Scarlet Monastery's bosses, The Huntsman.

Scarlet Monastery and Frost ShocksPokahontas, Level 36, Troll Shaman

Here is one of the most useful spells that I use during early levels. Frost Shock is usually used to make the enemy chill reducing its movement speed for a few seconds and at the same time damaging it with frost damage. This is particularly important during the late game as it redirects aggro off from the enemy's vulnerable targets.

Athenaeum, Scarlet MonasteryPokahontas, Level 36, Troll Shaman

These are the usual team-up during a 5-man raid. We have here a paladin tank, Baelmorn; a Priest as healer played by Eoris; a long range DPSer mage, Altheaz; a melee DPS combat rogue, Sinlaris; and the all around damage dealer, off healer (at least during the early levels), totem dropper shaman like me Pokahontas.

There is usually not much of a specialization during the early levels. I'm spec'd for enhancement, yet I wield a shield and mace for protection. It is not only when I got to level 70 that I re spec'd and made myself full restoration shaman (0/0/61).

Here on this picture we were on to one of Scarlet Monastery's bosses, Arcanist Doan. He is located at a study room inside the monastery library, specifically at the Athenaeum. This boss usually casts high AOE arcane damage from time to time, causing me to do off heals.

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