Saturday, February 16, 2013


Time flies so fast. It's been 4 years since I logged in to this blog. Thank goodness! I still remember my password! And thanks much from my friend at work she made me realised what I am missing.

When I was a child, I like writing my thoughts and secrets in my diary. I never fail to ask my "nanay" (mom) to buy me extra notebook so I can use it as my diary whenever we go to this bookstore, "National Bookstore" when she buys me notebooks and school supplies  every school year. 

I still remember, every night after I'm done with my homework and before I go to bed, I'll get my diary and start to write what happened to me during the day. I never fail to write something about my crush at school and how I did on my exams and some other kid stuff. But then I stopped because I became lazy and found a new hobby, reading Harlequin's Mill's and Boon pocket books before going to bed.

Then when I was in high school,  I started writing my life journals. All those mushy stuff and random thoughts about my teenage life... Then again, I stopped. I cannot even remember if I kept them. Because when I started my University years, me and my sisters burned those old notebooks and schools papers that's started to pile up in our rooms. Oh yeah! That year, we didn't think of being environmentalist and worry about air pollution and recycling papers and mother earth. We just want to get rid of our old school papers and we thought the best thing to do it is to burn them. 

When I was in college, the internet, friendster and chat became a trend. And I was too excited to try it. Then one of my cyber friend introduced me to blogging. I started to like the idea of writing your thoughts online. Just like having an online diary. At first, I was enthusiastic, but then again... I stopped... I ended up just posting pictures of random people I met, places I've been and things that inspired me.  

Maybe because as I become older, I started to change my lifestyle. I found a job and met new people and friends. I also found a new hobby on the internet, facebook and watching korean dramas. hahaha.  

Last week I re-visted my blog, it put a smile in my face and realised what I am missing. I started browsing through my old posts and seeing my old self and people who became my friends until now... I realised, Life is so wonderful and its more fun to put your memories in writing too.

Years have past I never thought of getting married! But I am now!  Happily married to my super geek, funny, loving, caring, thoughtful, crazy husband! My bestfriend for life, my new super hero, my angel! and my travel companion.  

I will try to reminisce the past years and write it in my blog to remind me of who I was and what made me a better person now. 

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