Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Hana Kimi marathon

I spent my 2 days off being a couch potato for more than 18 hours straight just to watch a Taiwanese Telenovela. Both my sisters' got addicted to Asian Telenovelas recently and started buying and watching DVDs. I often see them watching these telenovelas when I get up in the evening to go to work. I got curious and watched one of the DVDs. Funny; I couldn’t stop myself and soon got addicted too! I started watching around 12noon and finished at 9am the next day. Instead of going to bed and sleep after watching TV, I turned on my computer, browse the web and search for pictures and some tidbits of info about the characters. Here’s the synopsis of the story I found on the internet that will give you a clue how mushy but cute and funny the story is.

Rui Xi (Ella) had came back from America and falls head over heels for a boy named Zuo Yi Quan (Wu Zun) after seeing his high jump performance on television. Wanting to get to know him more, she decides to find out all about him and go to the same school as him. But, theres a problem; Quan goes to an all boy's high school! After much persuasion to her family and getting help from her good friend, Rui Xi then disguises herself as a boy and goes to the high school Quan attends.Coincidently, She attends the same class and stays in the same dormitory room with Quan! On her first day of school, she was late and bump onto someone on the way to class. In a hurry, she rushed off. Unknowingly, that guy was Quan. She wanted to be friends with Quan and was very straightforward about it but was rejected (he thought she was gay). Finding that Rui Xi was rather straightforward, Zhong Jin Xiu Yi (Jiro Wang) befriends Rui Xi. During physical lesson, Everyone was shock to find out that Rui Xi was a very fast runner Even breaking the school's record. Jealous, Xiu Yi challenged her. After the run, she faints (due to some reasons*). To her rescue was Quan (he found out she was a girl but kept it to himself) and he brought her to the school's doctor Mei Tian, who is a gay. He too, found out about Rui Xi's identity but promise to keep it a secret. He soon became her consoler when she needed someone to talk to. Xiu Yi soon falls in love with Rui Xi, but doesn't know that Rui Xi is a girl and keeps suspecting himself of being gay. Quan and Rui Xi soon becomes friend and both starts to develop a very close friendship. Many mishaps and challenges awaits Rui Xi.Will she be able to get her life through high school perfectly, without anyone discovering that she's a girl, but at the same time be close to Zuo Ye Quan?

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