Wednesday, April 9, 2008



Has someone played a prank on you lately?? How did you feel? Two of my colleagues at work played a prank on one of out teammates using a virtual tarot called She thought all along that “Peter” knows all the answers to her questions that’s why she kept on asking and we kept on asking “Peter” too because we got excited and curious. We thought that it’s a real thing because “Peter" can answer all your queries. If you want to ask something, you’ll just have to type in your petition and “Peter” will answer it for you. At first, you will be amazed on how “Peter” knows about you and will make you believe that it’s real. Out teammate got hysterical and anxious because she thought that it was real. We never thought that the one who’s doing the prank on us was feeding “Peter” the correct answer so when he pressed the enter key on the keyboard, “Peter” will answer your question with no hesitations. I left the office with a big question mark sign on my face and thinking if “Peter” is for real. When Jason picked me up, I immediately shared Ayie’s moments of hysterical and anxiety when we asked “Peter” questions about her lovelife.. Jason then just laughed at me and said, “So you do believe on what Peter is saying then?”. I answered, “Maybe”. He then asked me to wait to get home and ask “Google” instead of “Peter”. It aroused my curiosity even deeper because he’s still laughing at my naiveté. When I got home, I turned on my computer right away and googled it. I got all the answers I needed to know about “Peter” and started laughing! It was so funny to believe that someone could make a person very anxious and hysterical just by a simple prank. You should try this website if you want to play a prank on someone and check out how’d they react in the situation.

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