Sunday, June 8, 2008


(photo taken infront of our house in Parañaque City)

One Saturday morning while I was trying to get some sleep after a very long night at work, I heard a loud sound outside my window and went to check it out. I saw this man cutting the tree infront of our house. This Tamarind tree, the tree that has been there for ages. The tree that has been our shade from the sun when we play outside our house when we were kids. The tree that always stands up even on rainy days. And now, it bacame chunks of wood after he cut it. I really don't know why they cut it but I sure do they have a good reson why they did. I will miss this tree and the memories I had with it.

I remember my brother made a bamboo bed and tied it on the branches of this tree and every afternoon, he will climb the tree and rest there for a couple of minutes and think that he is Tarzan. Lol!

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