Wednesday, July 9, 2008


(photo taken @ University of the Philippines, Diliman Quezon City)

Should I be doing this?? Is this the right decision that I should take?? What will be her reaction if I do it?? These are a few questions that came up in my mind while I'm thinking really hard if I really am going to end our misunderstanding on our friendship.

She's my colleague, my buddy, my chikka mate (gossip mate), my seat mate, my Toms World buddy and my Mcdo milkshake buddy. But we had a misunderstanding a couple of months ago. She took my simple joke seriously and from then on, we parted ways.... I tried to reach out and wrote her a small note but she didn't reply to it. It's like she didn't receive a note from me at all.. The next thing I know is that I'm hearing a lot of bad things that she says about me from other people...hurtful things that are all lies. I just let it passed my back and didn't care as long as I know that I didn't do anything wrong. I didn't confront her or even thought of taking vengeance about it.

Until this morning... My friend and I were talking about what happened with me and this buddy of mine and I asked her if it's the right thing to do to talk to her and forget everything she have said to hurt me. She told me that its up to me how I really feel about it. It will all depend on what I really want to happen in my life. I went home that day still thinking if I should or should not make the biggest move.... I went to bed and thought carefully about what will I do. I asked for a sign... I said to myself if I will wake up early, and finish all my errands, I will come to work early and talk to her.. But none of my conditions happened..I got up late, was 2 minutes late for work because of heavy traffic and rain. We had our weekly group meeting in our team that night and after our group meeting, I went to her station and talked to her. Her first reaction is to stand up and hugged me and we both cried! I said to her that after this moment, I don't want to talk about what happened to us anymore, I will forget everything she have said to me in the past and start a new one. She said that she missed me a lot. Our friends were very happy to see that we have resolved our issues.

I don't want to be celebratin
g my birthday with a hateful heart for someone I know for so long and was my friend. I don't care if it was me who made the first move to end our misunderstanding. I don't care if what will other people say about what I did. It doesn't matter if she have accepted it or not. As long as I know that it's O-V-E-R for me now... That I can move on with a happy heart and peace of mind.

All I know is that I managed to do the right thing! and I am HAPPY!!!!!

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