Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Rurouni Kenshin, you're the Best!

It's really not fun being home alone. I can't go out as I am still recovering from my operation. Browsing the internet can also be tiring as you are just sitting infront of the computer. And so to keep me sane, I watch Asian dramas.  I know they are a bit mushy but this is what I often do when I've nothing else to do. 

I was browsing on what good drama to watch when I saw Satoh Takeru's name in one of the drama's I found. So instead of starting to watch the drama, I clicked on his name to check his profile. Then it brought up all drama's and movies that he have starred in to. OMG! I just remembered! He is Samurai X! 

I got so excited so I clicked the link and watch the film for the 4th time. I really love Satoh's portrayal as Kenshin Himura. It really suit him. I like the fighting scene. Specially when he flew to save Kaoru from the Battosai. Plus he looks really cute wearing the kimono and his katana.

I have also watched the series Samurai X a few years back and  that time I started to like Kenshin's character.  

After I watched the movie, I started thinking that my days at home will not be boring after all, because I am going to watch the Samurai X anime series again. ;)   

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I love to watch Japanese movies and anime. this looks great.